Rise of the chickens

Currently I live with my boyfriend and his best friend in Adelaide. We have quite a big garden and the boys decided they wanted to have some chickens. So now we have a black, a white and a brown one awkwardly walking around the garden flapping their wings.

Chickens are creatures that are out of control. They almost always stay together, so if one scoots off to the other end of the garden, the others will soon follow. They love roaming the garden, but they love food even more. No matter how much I feed them, as soon as they hear me in the kitchen I can see them huddling in front of the back door, creaming for more.

As soon I walk outside I’ve got three passionate followers that can’t control their steps and run into me frequently. Lately they’ve been staring at me like they are ready for attack. Even if it’s just the laundry I’m holding, they’re eying it and I’m afraid they’ll fly up to get it. Let’s just say I take care of them, but I am not a fan.

A few days ago I had a dream. It was in that stage where you feel like you’re half awake and yet you cannot wake up no matter how hard you try. The chickens seemed to have multiplied and there were dozens of little chicks waddling through the garden. All of them came at me and started pecking at my feet. There was no escaping them!

Since them I’m even more aware of what the chickens are up to. If you ask me, they are planning for a take over. You can see it in their eyes as you’re trying to feed them. This is war, they seem to say. We’ll see what happens next.



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4 thoughts on “Rise of the chickens

  1. Lovely! your love for your Chickens and their love for you:) after all how could they have communicated well to let you know that they love you too they entered in your dreams to prove that I guess 😉

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