Around the table

Lunches in the weekends are always more luxurious at our family. Where we just pack a few sandwiches with a slice of meat or nutella during the week, we actually sit down together on the weekends.

On Saturday we have fresh buns from the bakery. Every Saturday morning my Mum goes shopping and comes back with fresh bread and meat. On Sunday we put some bake-at-home baguettes on and enjoy them while they’re still hot. Sometimes there’ll be hotdogs or soup, especially in winter.

Now, I’m in Australia. On the weekend I’ll call my parents at night. When it’s evening for me, they are about to sit down at the table for lunch. I can just about smell the bread from the oven. They’ll be sharing stuff that happened during the week. I guess I’m still partly there, since that’s exactly what I do on Skype, but I miss that time with my family. Oh, nostalgia.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt Time After Time.

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