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One pill a day…

The daily prompt asked bloggers the following question: If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?

Now my question is: would anyone? Is anyone these days just eating for nutrition? Continue reading One pill a day…


Note on humor

I love a good laugh. I like to think I am funny, but can one really say that about oneself? I know my humor is a bit odd and only too many people do not get it. When I am being serious people think I am joking. When I am being sarcastic people take me seriously. Imagine trying bitching about someone and they only hear a compliment. Happens only too often. At least it saves me some arguments. I’ll just chuckle behind their backs. Humor, isn’t it a funny thing.

It can wait

Lately there have been a lot of things I’ve been putting off. I’ll find an excuse for everything and tell myself I’ll do it later. The excuse of the moment: I’m too tired. And I am. Tired that is. All these mornings getting up at 6.15. The long days full of excitement and hard work. It is breaking me up.

But in this state of negativity I’ve been putting off things I actually like. It seems like I even have to convince myself to go out for a ski. Once I’m out there I love it, but actually putting on the boots seems like too much effort. Now am I tired or just plain lazy?

Another thing I tend to avoid these days is making decisions. The biggest one being; what will I do after this ski season? After procrastinating for weeks I finally realised that I have to start making plans. So I’m doing my research and my plans are coming together. The result is satisfying and exciting. Next time I get the chance, I am taking the effort of putting on my ski boots.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: Procrastination

Skip dinner, give me desert

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it.

The restaurant is decorated in Mediterranean style. The tables look neat, lined with rows of cutlery. I am honored to have a dish named after me. I can’t wait to taste it and rush through the first few courses. Finally we arrive at the desert, my desert.

When I bring the spoon to my mouth I can smell the sweetness before I even taste it. In my mouth the chocolate explodes and mixes with the cake. This one has it all; sweetness, freshness and a surprising texture. It is my little piece of heaven.

It’ll never rain

Over the years I’ve learned never to say never, although I hear the word escaping from my mouth a bit too often. Never is a word that puts a stop to the fun. It cuts off a conversation. It limits possibilities. But never is not forever, otherwise I’d never have discovered the magic of scuba diving. Luckily we people change, grow and adapt our perspective. So take this piece lightly as I will talk about what never to talk about. Continue reading It’ll never rain


Honestly… I’ve just started this blog, so swapping blogs and lives is not something I’m thinking of just yet. I guess looking at other blogs is taking a look into the future for me. I’d like to explore what writing, and in a way also photography, can do for me. At the moment writing is a hobby for me and, in my other blog andreaonderweg, a way to capture memories. I love to write and now I’m at the point where I’d like to explore my limits. How much can I do? And, what can I achieve in my writing? Continue reading Switcheroo

A new adventure

Ever since I’ve been travelling I’ve been writing down my stories; feelings, adventures, thoughts. As a little girl my ambition was to be a writer. Proudly I showed my newly written ‘book’ to my teacher as a 9 year-old. I’ve Always liked to write and people have even told me they enjoyed my writing.

So now I’ll embark on a new adventure. I shall start by mentioning my goals. Why am I writing? I’d like to build a portfolio, learn, develop my skills and broaden my horizon. I have no idea what form my writing will take and where this blog will lead me, but in order to see if writing could be a bigger part of my future I am taking the challenge, with the daily prompts as my guide.

As I am travelling through the world, here I will travel through my thoughts.