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When truth is not enough

Telling the truth is a big thing these days. Nobody wants to be lied to right? Or is it only for the better to be lied to occasionally?

Think of a situation. What would you like to happen? There are the obvious ones like a boyfriend who’s cheating on you and dares to deny it. There are girlfriends lying about why they can’t make it to your party. In these situations I’d like people to be straight with me. Have the balls to say that and why you are hurting me.

However there are situations where I lie and prefer being lied to. If we would always say the truth it would cause a lot of awkward conversation. These days a lot of countries have the stupid ritual to ask people how they are doing. You are never meant to say how you are actually feeling. Nobody wants to hear your problems. So you lie. I’m great! Really!

Then there are the situations where sometimes you want a straight answer and sometimes you’d rather that someone keeps their opinions to themselves. I name the subject clothing. When shopping I want to get an honest opinion. If something is hideous I’d rather know about it straight away. However, if I’ve already purchased something, totally love it, know it suits me, but that it might not be other people’s style, keep your opinions to yourself. Don’t make me feel awkward.

You might lie to protect your friends or family and not to worry them with your own tiny problems when they have plenty of their own. Lying is part of life. It is up to you own discretion in what amount you do it. Wrong or right is up for discussion.

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Live and learn

I love to learn. I love to get involved in new things and gain new skills. But, I hate to have to follow a structure and the pressure that comes with studying. The best way to learn is by doing. Throw me in the deep and we’ll see what happens. Will I swim or will I sink like a brick? Books are a part of learning, but the part where you have the most fun is definitely gaining practical experience. I’ll take a project over an exam any day. If only other students would feel the same. The biggest frustration is partners who don’t give a damn.

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Weekly writing challenge

Another superstar performed in daring clothing. News? Not really. But now it is a superstar that started out as the girl every little kid wanted to be. Suddenly it is a big topic which causes a lot of debate. I feel torn writing about this subject. See, I’m not sure I really want to add to the hype by writing more about it. Hasn’t she gotten enough attention already?

So let’s go back to the basics here. People grow. That’s a good thing. I’ve grown as a person and continue to do so. We are all just people. We go through phases. Some  we are proud of. Some not so much. Decisions made in the past, however, should not dictate the rest of your life. The beauty of the freedom we have is that we can be who we want to be. I don’t think anyone can decide who we are but ourselves.

Child superstars grow up and should be allowed to make their own decisions. If you play a certain part in a series or movie, that does not change you as a person. There’s this thing called freedom of expression. I can totally imagine you would not want to live as other people require you to do. All of us have to make choices and live with them. I’ve changed, my views and opinions changed, my lifestyle changed. Why would it have to be any different for a famous person.

If you are in the spotlight, everything gets amplified and magnified. Being famous, you don’t have the chance to explore your options or try new things without immediately being judged for it. I say, let people explore. Let people be what they want to be. You don’t have to agree with it. You just have to accept it. If what other people do is the highlight of our day these days, then maybe we should start by taking a good look at ourselves.

How should I say this…

I am always in favour of not hurting people unnecessarily. I don’t like violence, including verbal violence. But isn’t it time we grow some backbone? Sometimes words are made into a bad thing while many people don’t even mean to offend anyone with them. Often this concerns personal things like race, looks or sexual preference.

In my country we have a delicious snack called ‘negerzoen’. literally translated ‘neger’ means black man and ‘zoen’ means kiss. It is a heavenly white, airy foam covered with a thin layer of chocolate. Nowadays though we are not allowed to call them this because it wouldn’t be politically correct. Really? If anything the name is a compliment. I mean, if a black man’s kisses are that good, bring it on!

Have we really become such sensitive and self-conscious people that we cannot take this anymore? Have we really gone that far that we assume everything others say is meant in a bad way? Personally I am a very direct person and if I ever offend anyone by being that way, I apologize. I just say things as the are, often without a disguise. This does not make me an evil or mean person. It is just the way I describe the world. I think sometimes we just create issues that aren’t an issue to anyone else. We just go too far.

Hide and seek

Sometimes I work in areas where I only have internet access occasionally. What a breather! Ok, it can be inconvenient. No blogging, no keeping track of your photos or what your friends are up to.

But there is an upside to all of this. These days it is like you’re handicapped without internet. How often do you hear the sentence: didn’t you check your email? Without internet you just don’t know what’s going on. This means no worries. Nobody to haunt you with questions you don’t want to answer.

Without internet and mobile phone coverage you can finally have a bit of freedom. You are finally detached from everyone who thinks they can’t live without you. It is a true holiday in which you don’t have to think about work, school or any other dramas. It is the one chance to escape, without obligations.

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And the winner is…

You’re asked to nominate someone for TIME’s Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why?

“And this year the award goes to…”Silence predominates the hall. The level of excitement is noticeable by the people’s nervous shuffling in their seats. “the average Joe for the innumerable achievements that millions of people make happen every day.” The words leave the host’s mouth rapidly and before he’s even finished a big round of applause sounds in harmony with exuberant cheers. Continue reading And the winner is…