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O crystal ball, crystal ball

As I look into my crystal ball I see good things coming my way. Today I went for an Xray to support my visa application, so it is good to see that the crystal ball puts me in New Zealand in July. I see white. Lots of white. I must be in Wanaka, skiing as much as I can. I am working for one of the resorts. I live in a crazy house with some crazy housemates. My accent has become slightly kiwi and I order fush now instead of fish. I am totally loving life. My skiing has improved yet again and wait… is that a park I see over there? July means new place, new challenges. Bring it on!


Activate warp speed

When listening to a playlist, sometimes you just can’t seem to help pressing the next button halfway through a song. Some people can’t even listen to one whole song and keep skipping things all the time. It irritates me. I must admit that occasionally I do this too, but it’s the exception and not the rule.

Sometimes I wish time had similar features. Wouldn’t it be nice to fast forward that awkward conversation or that tedious meeting? But then again, those moments build us and make us who we are. Although my past isn’t all happiness and sunshine, I wouldn’t change it. This makes me think, if ever the fast forward button for life is invented, would I even want to use it?

At the moment I would just fast forward to the point where I’ll have saved enough money to do something fun again. When life just consists of eating, working and sleeping and not much else, it’s just not worth it. To me it has become a drag. Time to snap out of it. So I started saving. Unfortunately that will take a while, so I might just press that button.

But then only with the guarantee that things wouldn’t have changed too much. If you skip time and wake up a few months from now, would that mean that you don’t know what has happened in between? And what about the people you care about? What if you woke up and they weren’t there anymore? Maybe I’ll leave the fast forward button to the early adopters. I’ll find my time to use it, but it’s not just yet.

The daily prompt inspired my to write this post. Check out Fast Forward!

Fleovac, a new future

Welcome, thank you for your interest in the planet Fleovac. Fleovac is a spacious planet filled with flora and fauna that will amaze even the adventurous. Imagine big purple lakes surrounded by a lush forest inhabited by flying lizard-like creatures and furry tree climbers. Fleovac’s cities are designed as spacious places that are easy to move around. A state of the art transport system will take you everywhere you need to go. There is plenty of entertainment present to make your new life an enjoyable one.

Pack well, because the Fleovac’s seasons might be slightly different from what you are used to. In winter, Fleovac turns white. A proper layer of snow will ensure you have a white Christmas and can ski, snowboard or make snowmen for 4 months. Due to the solar system around Fleovac, the year is divided into 10 months. Winter quickly turns into summer when the temperatures rise to around 35 degrees. Not just one, but two suns will make your summer a pleasant one.

With the technology brought from earth, we can make sure Fleovac stays the pure pristine planet it is. No more pollution, no overcrowded cities and the health problems that come with it. Fleovac has a modern society that cares about you. It is ruled by a team of experts on different field in a democratic system. Your opinions matters to us and together we want to make Fleovac a home for you, a home that can only get better!


Cool. That’s what my dad said. Cool! Are you jibbers? I poofed him: “Are you ancient or something? Who still says that?” But my dad’s a bit of a greycel. Can’t keep up with things, that’s it. His house hasn’t even had an upgrade yet. His house is not linked to ICH. It’s only the gadget of the century! I actually have to reach for my mobile to get hold of him. I keep telling him to get it. I would only be a blab away from him. But he says it’s a new way for the government to spy on us. Mind-blowing the way this man thinks. Anyway, I’ve gotta fly, my EBF is criffing me.

The future is inspired by the daily prompt: 2100

The old days relived

Peter had had a very stressful day. Work was hectic at the moment and his boss did not give him a single moment for himself. He’d even been calling at home lately for some last minute assignments. Peter opened the gate, walked through the garden and entered his lovely house in the suburbs. The house could sense something was wrong and so a signal travelled through the thick walls to the kitchen and hot tea was instantly prepared. Continue reading The old days relived