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Bag full of baking

I love baking. At home I have books full of recipe’s waiting for me to try them. Unfortunately I am travelling now and those will have to wait. Yet even when I’m travelling the kitchen lures me in. There are free recipe’s in the supermarket magazines and I often see an attractive recipe on a blog. Or you see something of that other culture that you can’t wait to try.

So when I knew I was going to stay in one place for a while I hit the shops. I came home with a baking tin, some tools, measuring cups and mixing bowls. For three months I made something every week. After that I couldn’t part with my things since I was just moving to another place where I would stay for a few weeks and come back once again. So my skibag housed some baking utensils between my boots and warm layers.

Another thing I cannot resist is buying special cookie cutters abroad. I know fully well that I’ll have to carry them around the world with me, even though I have no clue for how long. I just have to have them. I cannot resist it. Instead of tacky souvenirs I am coming home with baking stuff for my collection. I guess I cannot live without it…

This one’s inspired by the daily prompt: Ingredients


Cream de la cream

You love doing the A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words challenges, and we love reading your interpretations! Let’s have another go.

This week, tell us a story based on this photo:
Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber.

He’s in the zone again. Working with food always makes him forget about everything else. As a growing man James White became fascinated with food while travelling around the world. The flavors and smells of the world captivated him and never let him go. Now, at 54, preparing food still cast a spell on him and he had no intention of letting it go. In his kitchen the world seemed to disappear. All that mattered was the produce; the meat, the delicate fresh peaches. One has to be focused, embrace the textures, the colors and the smells. Isn’t that what he always told his pupils? Continue reading Cream de la cream