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Looking back

What do you really know about the world when you’re a kid? My life was carefree. The biggest problem was who to meet up with after school for a play date. Until I was about ten, my mum was at home. Me and my brother went to school in the morning, came home for lunch, went back to school for the afternoon, had play dates and sometimes sports in the evening.

My primary school was officially catholic, but other than the option to finish your religious upbringing by a confirmation, you didn’t really notice it. There were kids that had other beliefs and that was fine. No one was frowned upon. Most of the catholic kids didn’t even do their confirmation.

I guess most people can be considered working class. I grew up in a town of about 15000. There were farmer’s kids in my class as well as kids from the suburbs of town. Everyone either rode their bicycle or walked to school. We didn’t have mobile phones or computer games to think about. Instead we had snowball fights, or sand fights in summer.

There was one special thing about my friends at school. Our class had a deaf boy. He was a regular during the first years until he had to go to a special school, but he still came to our class every now and then to be with his friends. This boy had told us the special sign for play. You gently knock your fists together to ask someone if they want to play with you after school. So all our teachers saw all day was people banging their fists together and pointing at each other to decide whose house we were going to.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to such a simple life, even for a day, totally worry-free. Then again, life wasn’t spectacular either. Every day was pretty much the same, with some special holidays and outings, but even these you couldn’t fully appreciate, because life was easy anyway. As a kid everything seems almost equally exciting. Now, I’m making my own decisions and because the downs are worse, the ups are better too!

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Does life need to change?

Breaking news, the tv headline reads, Karma scientifically proven. Hmmm.

I reflect upon my life. Sure, I wasn’t always miss Sunshine, but so far Karma has been good to me. I’m actually happy with my life. I get to do the things I want to do. I travel and see new things. I’ve had a bunch of crazy jobs I never would have tried had I stayed home. I’m meeting people from all over the world. I’m learning. I’m becoming a better version of me every day. Isn’t that karma?

Isn’t karma in everyone? If somebody treats me like shit, is disrespectful or just mean, I won’t have anything to say to them. I live with the principle treat others how you want to be treated. I’ve added to that and if you don’t treat me right, than don’t be expected to be treated right by me. Things work both ways. Like me boss has to learn. He wants me to cover for others, but makes me feel guilty to need a day off myself. My karma tells me I might not make it next time he needs me.

Karma… I still don’t know how I feel about it. So it’s real. I guess I’ve been living with it my whole life then and can blame all the shitty bits on it. I don’t see how I deserved them though. I think I lead life the right way. I might slip every now and then, but that’s why we’re human. I think karma should let us know what the right way of living is, because we’re all different and have different views of right and wrong. If there isn’t a rule for right and wrong, who’s karma to decide what’s going to happen to me? I’m still not convinced.


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I am all sorts of things

I was very proud when I walked up to my teacher to give him the little notebook. It was my latest novel. I wrote about a girl moving to a different place, even though I knew nothing about moving. I wrote several chapters and made drawings to go with them. I even designed a book cover. My teacher added some comments and said I would be a writer some day. Continue reading I am all sorts of things

Tagging me

Today’s daily prompt asks a lot of us, namely:

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

The creation of taglines is a process. A tagline is not just a sentence. It is the one sentence that should describe your being. Trust me, as a media and entertainment student I had to create quite a few. Although fun, it is also an excrusiating task that always leaves you wondering if it is not just you who gets excited.

Weaving dreams, sewing hope, knitting the future.

This would be my tagline as I am a romantic, dreaming of all the excitement the future could bring me. I am a planner, searching for options to make things work. I am worried, constantly seeking answers that only the future can bring. I am a creative soul, always in search for a new project. I like to create, from a hat to my future.

chronology of the heart

butterflyWho ever said life was easy? It certainly isn’t looking at history. After a happy childhood, ignorance is bliss, Andrea went through a rough patch in her teens. Things went from bad to worse as depression moved in on her while hormones where raging. Colors started to fade as the energy was sucked out of her. There seemed to be a never ending hole, a vicious circle, that couldn’t be escaped. Continue reading chronology of the heart