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Fleovac, a new future

Welcome, thank you for your interest in the planet Fleovac. Fleovac is a spacious planet filled with flora and fauna that will amaze even the adventurous. Imagine big purple lakes surrounded by a lush forest inhabited by flying lizard-like creatures and furry tree climbers. Fleovac’s cities are designed as spacious places that are easy to move around. A state of the art transport system will take you everywhere you need to go. There is plenty of entertainment present to make your new life an enjoyable one.

Pack well, because the Fleovac’s seasons might be slightly different from what you are used to. In winter, Fleovac turns white. A proper layer of snow will ensure you have a white Christmas and can ski, snowboard or make snowmen for 4 months. Due to the solar system around Fleovac, the year is divided into 10 months. Winter quickly turns into summer when the temperatures rise to around 35 degrees. Not just one, but two suns will make your summer a pleasant one.

With the technology brought from earth, we can make sure Fleovac stays the pure pristine planet it is. No more pollution, no overcrowded cities and the health problems that come with it. Fleovac has a modern society that cares about you. It is ruled by a team of experts on different field in a democratic system. Your opinions matters to us and together we want to make Fleovac a home for you, a home that can only get better!