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Looking back

What do you really know about the world when you’re a kid? My life was carefree. The biggest problem was who to meet up with after school for a play date. Until I was about ten, my mum was at home. Me and my brother went to school in the morning, came home for lunch, went back to school for the afternoon, had play dates and sometimes sports in the evening.

My primary school was officially catholic, but other than the option to finish your religious upbringing by a¬†confirmation, you didn’t really notice it. There were kids that had other beliefs and that was fine. No one was frowned upon. Most of the catholic kids didn’t even do their confirmation.

I guess most people can be considered working class. I grew up in a town of about 15000. There were farmer’s kids in my class as well as kids from the suburbs of town. Everyone either rode their bicycle or walked to school. We didn’t have mobile phones or computer games to think about. Instead we had snowball fights, or sand fights in summer.

There was one special thing about my friends at school. Our class had a deaf boy. He was a regular during the first years until he had to go to a special school, but he still came to our class every now and then to be with his friends. This boy had told us the special sign for play. You gently knock your fists together to ask someone if they want to play with you after school. So all our teachers saw all day was people banging their fists together and pointing at each other to decide whose house we were going to.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to such a simple life, even for a day, totally worry-free. Then again, life wasn’t spectacular either. Every day was pretty much the same, with some special holidays and outings, but even these you couldn’t fully appreciate, because life was easy anyway. As a kid everything seems almost equally exciting. Now, I’m making my own decisions and because the downs are worse, the ups are better too!

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Activate warp speed

When listening to a playlist, sometimes you just can’t seem to help pressing the next button halfway through a song. Some people can’t even listen to one whole song and keep skipping things all the time. It irritates me. I must admit that occasionally I do this too, but it’s the exception and not the rule.

Sometimes I wish time had similar features. Wouldn’t it be nice to fast forward that awkward conversation or that tedious meeting? But then again, those moments build us and make us who we are. Although my past isn’t all happiness and sunshine, I wouldn’t change it. This makes me think, if ever the fast forward button for life is invented, would I even want to use it?

At the moment I would just fast forward to the point where I’ll have saved enough money to do something fun again. When life just consists of eating, working and sleeping and not much else, it’s just not worth it. To me it has become a drag. Time to snap out of it. So I started saving. Unfortunately that will take a while, so I might just press that button.

But then only with the guarantee that things wouldn’t have changed too much. If you skip time and wake up a few months from now, would that mean that you don’t know what has happened in between? And what about the people you care about? What if you woke up and they weren’t there anymore? Maybe I’ll leave the fast forward button to the early adopters. I’ll find my time to use it, but it’s not just yet.

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